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"Before working with Therese, I was a bank executive that worked very long hours and did not have a very good quality of life; nor did I see any possibility for other career choices. What initially began as consultations related to well-being, turned into an un-tapping of who I could become and what I could do to get on track. Each session with Therese has been very awakening and encouraging. She has helped me to not only address my overall well-being, but also to motivate me to strive for a more satisfying career path, along with additional business endeavors and opportunities I can take advantage of. She has truly helped me to open my eyes to achieving success in life and business effortlessly. This is quite refreshing , to have this type of experience when there are so many other coaches out there making unattainable promises. Because of my work with Therese, I now have a renewed excitement in life and look forward to my future each and every day! "

Allison S.

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